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    Great Service

    Getting in touch with them is fast.  Application, installation all done exceed our expectation.  Great service!

    Hypp TV user: Chan BK

    Finally, Get to enjoying my TV program anytime even when it rains!

    After installing Hypp TV, I have no problem watching my TV program whenever I want.  I used to have problems watching when it rains.  Now, watching any program is just so fun without the intermittent stop.  Thanks to Hypp TV!

    Hypp TV user: Amir

    Great coverage

    I get to enjoy Hypp TV while i sign up for Unifi.  The coverage was great, and the TV was perfect.  No interruption.  They seem to getting better.

    Hypp TV & Unifi user: Jega

    Dapat Jimat Masa dan Wang

    Dengan Unifi melebih banyak saluran dan komunikasi dan boleh muat turun dengan pantas dapat jimat banyak masa dan wang.

    Pelanggan Hypp TV & Unifi: Adnan Md. Noh

    Tak Kira Masa Atau Cuaca.

    Tengok tv bersama sama tak kira masa atau cuaca

    Pelanggan Hypp TV & Unifi: Zeffri Yusof


    Unifi superfast can watch multiple video no buffering.

    Hypp TV & Unifi User: Bunkface ‘recording artist’

    Speed is the Key and Free Calls

    For online gamer like me speed is the key and the phone call is free.

    Hypp TV & Unifi User:Ashley Khoo ‘professional online gamer’


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