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    General Information

    Which broadband package should I choose?

    It can be hard to decide which package or which broadband provider to choose for with so many packages being offered today. To decide for the right package, you should always consider the following.
    Usage Tasks such as checking e-mails only use a very little bandwidth whereas streaming HD Videos online requires significantly more bandwidth.
    Mobility Do you require a connection that is mobile for connectivity on the go or do is it for a stationary home network?
    Importance of task Is the connection mainly for leisure or for business? The more important a task is, the more stable the connection needs to be.

    Is it safe to Apply here?

    Yes, we are the authorized broadband dealer in Malaysia.

    How much does it cost to apply from here ?

    There are no additional charges when you apply with us. Charges are the same as you apply from the sales counter. * For foreigners, an additional RM500 deposit is required for Maxis and TIME. Payment will be charged to your bill. ** Installation charges are applicable for non-standard installation, payable to contractor/ service provider.

    How fast is the application process ?

    Once we receive application with completed information, we will process and submit your application to the service provider within 24hrs (business day). The contractor from the service provider will then contact you for installation appointment. This normally take 2-7 days.

    What is the procedure to apply ?

    First, you have to check coverage online, we will get back to you soonest possible. Once your area is available, we can help you to proceed with application. Email/ fax/ mail us your Photocopy of NRIC/ passport (for foreigners). When we received all information, we will submit your application.

    Removal of UTV Movies from HyppTV Everywhere offerings.

    1) Why did you remove this channel?
    UTV Movies will be discontinued on HyppTV Everywhere commencing 24 May 2017. However, this channel still available on HyppTV (on STB).

    2) When is the effective date for the removal of UTV Movies?
    The effective date is on 24 May 2017.

    3) Who will be impacted from the removal of this channel?
    HyppTV Everywhere customers

    4) Will customer be entitled for any rebate pertaining to this removal?
    There will be no rebate given to customer.

    5) I want to report this to MCMC as I feel cheated by TM
    TM holds no right to neither stop nor suggest, shall customer wanted to lodge any reports against any product offerings to third party as mediator for settlement. However, we assured that all activities carried by TM or HyppTV pertaining to the matter are govern by broadcasting licenses in purview of MCMC.


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